Virtual Reality Gaming: The Newest Dating Hot Spot

Virtual Reality Gaming: The Newest Dating Hot Spot

Most people are under the impression that virtual reality gaming doesn’t exactly scream romance. We’re here to tell you that they’re wrong. Virtual reality has a multitude of uses – from social to educational to just plain fun. It makes sense that dating would be one of them.

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what couples had to say when asked why V-Room is their newest go-to date spot in Singapore.

1. It’s fun!

This first one is obvious, but what can be more fun than being thrust into fantastical new worlds where you’re the main character. We give you ample space to explore our vast selection of thrilling and spell-binding games. The best part? You don’t have to do it alone! We boast some of the best multiplayer games on the market, so you and your significant other can be immersed in an experience like no other, all while spending time together. Create memories that will last a lifetime when you bring your date to the best VR arcade in Singapore.

2. You get to bond

Gaming together can be a great opportunity to bond in a new and exciting way. And virtual reality gaming is a whole different ballpark. You can choose to watch your significant other game from the side lines, or you can join in by playing one of our multiplayer games and stoke some healthy competition between the two of you.

3. Learning about each other comes naturally

If you’re in the early getting-to-know-each-other stages of a relationship and you’re not sure if a movie and dinner are going to cut it anymore, VR gaming is just the thing for you. There will be no awkward lulls in the conversations here; just plenty of laughs and light-hearted conversation. If nothing else, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourselves.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a bit longer, you can still learn things you never knew about each other. Games have a way of bringing out new sides in everyone. You get to see what makes them laugh, what scares them, their hidden talents, and their tastes. There’s always room to learn more about each other! These new discoveries can be crucial to both blossoming and long-term relationships.

Learning about each other comes naturally

4. It’s something different

You can get sick of routines of any kind, but you do not want that transferring over to your relationships. Try something new at V-Room. It’s affordable, endlessly enjoyable, and a great way to keep things fresh.

Get out of the monotony of dinner dates that always end up going the same way. Inject some adventure into your routine and see how it’ll transform your dating life.


Finding the right date spot can be a stressful decision, especially with so many factors to consider. Make your life easier by booking a slot at V-Room for a romantic, out-of-this-world experience with your significant other. One thing we can promise you is that no two dates facilitated by us will be the same. Contact us today to find out more!

The Top 5 High-Octane Activities To Try In Singapore

The Top 5 High-Octane Activities To Try In Singapore

When you’re an adrenaline-junky constantly searching for your next fix, all the thrill-seeking activities in the world don’t seem enough. Luckily, Singapore is packed to the brim with fun, high-octane activities that will get the toughest of people’s hearts pounding.

From ziplining to skydiving to virtual reality gaming experiences, you’ll be able to find any number of activities right here in the city. We’ve listed down five of them to get you started.

1. Bungee jumping

Singapore’s Sentosa offers myriad fun sights and experiences that will never cease to entertain. One of the most remarkable and high-octane activities available there is Bungee Jumping at AJ Hackett. Come as close as you will ever be to flight as you dive off the 50-metre tall platform. Feel your fear turn into an adrenaline rush like no other as you’re greeted with the lush views of the Island.

2. Giant swing

If the bungee jumping hasn’t managed to quench your thirst for adventure, turn to the giant swing located at the same place and prepare for a swing and dive like nothing else. The swing propels you to the ground at insane speeds at your command. The best part? You don’t have to do this one alone! The Giant Swing seats up to 3 people every ride. Rope your friends into this rip-roaring experience for memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Ziplining

The Island of Sentosa is the gift that keeps on giving for adventure seekers in Singapore. For example, get down to Mega Adventure and fulfil your wildest childhood fantasies with a 450-metre-long zip line. Glide on through the Island and be surrounded by unparalleled views of forests and sea. Mega Adventure allows you to soak in Sentosa’s beauty while providing you with the adrenaline rush you crave.

4. Skydiving 

Singapore is known for being one of the world’s most forward-thinking, innovative metropolises. It’s no surprise that our little Island is home to the world’s largest indoor skydiving tunnels. iFly Singapore allows you to enjoy the experience of skydiving at extremely affordable prices. Wondering how this is possible? Well, the tunnel is designed to push heavy wind that thrusts you up in the air – exactly how it would feel when you jump off a plane. Because of the sheer ingenuity of its engineering, you can perform all sorts of stunts while you’re “free-falling”. The sky is the limit!

Benefits Of VR Being Used In Schools

5. Virtual Reality 

Head over to V-Room – the most well-established VR arcade in Singapore, for your next adrenaline-fuelled affair. V-Room comes complete with a range of eclectic, spell-binding, gripping games for a dose of virtual reality gaming like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. Thrill at V-Room’s variety of horror games that makes you feel like you’ve been plopped into different, infinitely more terrifying worlds. Do you dare blur the line between the virtual and reality?


Ready for your next shot of adventure? Hopefully, this list has convinced you that there’s no shortage of high-octane activities to do right here at home. Never let yourself grow bored again when you have this many options!

Fortunately for you, V-Room offers free membership for those who book our services for 2 hours. This way, you can keep coming back every time you feel yourself itching for more. Contact our team today to learn more!

How Virtual Reality Gaming Can Change Education Forever

How Virtual Reality Gaming Can Change Education Forever

Humans have always been curious creatures. We’ve made up far-fetched tales of science fiction and fantasy for as long as anyone can remember. We’ve always aimed to reach beyond our perceived limits and peek at what lies beyond. Thanks to virtual reality technology, children can do just that from the comfort of their own classroom. Their excursions don’t have to stop at zoos or parks when, with the help of a VR headset, they can go to the furthest reaches of space or visit the Great Wall of China as it was being built.  

Many teachers and schools incorporate this technology into their lessons today, while some remain sceptical. There are still some myths about VR that make it a surprising choice for education. More often than not, people associate VR with only gaming and not as something that could be a tool for academia. Despite this, more and more people are starting to see the benefits of exposing children to the wonder of virtual reality technology in class. Here are some of the ways VR can help alter the course of education from here on out: 

Benefits Of VR Being Used In Schools

Benefits of VR being used in schools

As we know, VR technology enables students to interact with a 3D constructed environment as if they are actually there. As such, it requires students to use more than a little creativity and imagination to navigate these landscapes; this, in turn, can engage their academic interests in a more exciting way. 

If students struggle with certain concepts or ideas, virtual reality can give them a different perspective that can enrich their understanding beyond what is written on a whiteboard. 

There are also immense cultural benefits to think of. You can travel anywhere around the world with VR technology. Through a VR headset, students can experience cultural exchanges and learn more about the values, foods, and traditions of people from other countries. Through this experience, you can literally live the life of someone from a different country, increasing their capacity for empathy. In today’s increasingly global society, it’s vital that we know how to relate to each other and understand customs and traditions that are different from ours. So, whether your student wants to discover what the Indian festival of Holi would be like or race with bulls in Spain, it’s all possible and safe with virtual reality.

Studies have shown that students who participate in a curriculum where VR is incorporated are able to retain information almost 10% better. As such, the immersive experience is empirically better for learning. 


Virtual reality is a relatively new industry. Yet, the advantages we are discovering from this technology consistently abound. Its inherent nature takes us to places we’ve never seen – or can never hope to see – in real life. That’s why it’s the natural choice for students and children who are bursting to the brim with curiosity and are ready to learn. VR can facilitate their inquisitiveness while they remain safe in their own classroom. 

But if you’re looking for a break from work, V-Room is the perfect one-stop shop for all your virtual reality gaming needs. Our wide range of games includes educational titles that are sure to engage the mind while helping you to let loose. Come on down to one of our outlets or contact us today!

How Virtual Reality Is Making Horror Games Scary Again

How Virtual Reality Is Making Horror Games Scary Again

Human fear is an evolutionary need that has ensured our survival for thousands of years. Many of our present phobias are remnants of this past. For example, fear of the dark can be attributed to the fact that we used to need to be able to see clearly to escape predatory animals that were much better at seeing in the dark. As such, we still associate it with danger. Over time, as our species evolved, this fear specific to predators has turned into fear of the unknown.

Horror games and other types of fiction tend to take advantage of these fears to tell compelling stories that frighten us beyond rational reason. However, in this day and change, there might not be any form of horror quite as terrifying as virtual reality gaming. This article details all the reasons why.


Watching a movie is usually a communal experience. Even if you’re reading a book, you don’t have to do it alone. Virtual reality gaming, however, is isolating by its very nature. Even if there are other people around you, the headset eliminates their presence quite effectively. Humans are social creatures, no matter how much you prefer to be alone. The idea of being alone while you’re scared is a harrowing one. Virtual reality horror games heighten your senses and instincts, effectively triggering anxiety and paranoia. Even though you know it’s not real, intellectually, it doesn’t stop the fear.


Anyone who enjoys gaming will tell you that the more immersive it is, the better. Regular horror games often only let you enjoy the game from a third-person perspective; this allows you to disengage slightly from the experience as you watch another character undergo everything. However, virtual reality blurs the line between real life and fiction. With VR, you are the sole protagonist, and the events unfold in front of your eyes in an extremely immersive first-person environment. Naturally, the fears are triggered much more easily this way as it gives being “sucked into the story” a whole new meaning.

No escape 

Unlike other media types, you are directly placing yourself into this environment engineered to scare you. You are then blocked from the outside world and brought into a new one. It can be disorienting on its own, even without the added horror elements. When classic horror movie tropes like creepy children, demonic laughter, or eerie nursery rhymes are brought in, you don’t have the option to cover your eyes and ears and hope it ends soon. With your periphery vision being blocked, jump scares become even more effective. All of this leads you to believe that there’s no escape until you remember that you’re playing a game. Despite all rationality, virtual reality gaming is transporting. Just remember that you can come back anytime!

No Escape


VR has been redefining the gaming industry since its inception – and the horror genre is no exception. Virtual reality seamlessly takes all the elements that make horror scary and amplifies it to create an experience like no other. Why not be brave and give it a go? At V-room, we have some of the best, most terrifying, and immersive horror games on the market awaiting you. Come on down to learn what it means to actually be scared out of your wits – in a safe and fun environment. Contact us today!