The 7 Undeniable Advantages Of Virtual Reality Gaming


Virtual reality gaming is all the rage these days. The technology has confounded, intrigued, and excited people from all walks of life, and with good reason. It is an environment built into a computer that has the power to transport gamers somewhere else, all while remaining in the exact physical location. All you have to do is wear the headset, and you’re somewhere else. If you have the means, you can get a virtual reality headset for yourself to enjoy at your leisure. But if we’re being more realistic, a VR arcade is as good a place as any to try your hand and this ground-breaking feat in gaming.

VR game designers have taken the concept of being inside the game environment and run with it. The games not only engage the mind and thrust you headfirst into adventure, but they also offer a myriad of benefits. Here are just some of them.

1)  Dose of realism

Virtual reality inherently means experiencing a different sort of reality than what you are used to. When you apply that to gaming, you aren’t simply staring at a screen with a controller in your hands. You are in the game. Whether you’re out of space or lost in a haunted house, once the headset is on, you are experiencing a reality in which you are the main character, and everything is in your control. A lot like real life.

2) Getting some exercise

Gaming has historically been a sedate pastime. Well, not anymore. Virtually reality gaming lets you move around freely while immersed in the gaming environment. This means that, essentially, your body is the controller. Quite a workout! Whatever way you move in real life translates to the gameplay.

3) Face your fears

Everyone has an irrational fear that feels impossible to surmount in real life. It could be a fear of spiders, heights, small spaces, or the dark. Whatever it is, facing them in VR is just the encouragement you need to get over them. You can practice facing them while secure, knowing that you’re safe.


4) Become smarter

With the influx of escape room and puzzle games available in VR, it will sufficiently tease your brain. Virtual reality takes mind games to a whole new level.

5) Relief from pain 

Unfortunately, chronic pain in people is more common than you think. People often have to take a significant amount of medications and numbing agents to cope. Virtual reality gaming has been proven to provide some pain relief because it helps with overall health and makes exercise a more enjoyable affair.

6) Take a break from the tension 

Games are a good form of escapism. With VR, you are transported into a brand new world. You can’t escape any better than that! It helps ease anxiety and ultimately enables you to destress in a fun, harmless way.

7) A form of self-care

Health is not all physical. Taking care of your mental health is also an essential facet of self-care. In this case, there has been some evidence that using virtual reality to aid in the recovery of certain disorders of the mind is possible.


Virtual reality gaming is fun and fascinating, but it also has a myriad of advantages that can contribute to the betterment of your life. Why not see it for yourself? V-Room is one of the first of its kind in Singapore and boasts a massive collection of games just waiting to be explored. Contact us to find out how you can get started today!