Affordable Corporate Bonding Activities To Do In Singapore

Affordable Corporate Bonding Activities To Do In Singapore

Corporate bonding activities are quickly becoming the best way to ensure efficacy and maintain cohesiveness in a work environment. Employees from different departments, who might not even have a reason to interact during work hours, are given the opportunity to mingle, nurture relationships, and build unbreakable bonds of teamwork. Employers stand to gain a lot from these exercises. What’s more, they can do so in a cost-effective way!

We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable team-building activities you can do right here in Singapore with your fellow workmates. Read on to learn where you should go next time you want to bond with your team!

1. Art Jamming

If your team members ever need an outlet for the stress of corporate life, give them an opportunity for their creativity to take over with Art Jamming. Participants are given all the tools needed to create their own masterpieces, which they can take back home to display proudly.

People will have the choice to do this activity independently or work on a bigger piece together as a group. This team activity is calming and therapeutic, complete with mellow background tunes as the session progresses. You’d be surprised by how unifying it can be to paint your anxieties away with your colleagues!

2. Laser Tag

If you’re looking for something a bit higher octane for an adventurous bunch, you can’t get anything more thrilling than laser tag. This activity has risen exponentially in popularity in recent years, truly a long way from its origins in arcade gaming. Essentially, players use guns that point infrared lines at others to fire against an infrared-sensitive target worn by their competitors to win points.

The arenas where the games are played are filled with obstacles and team members must join hands to beat them. Your goal is to stay in the game the longest without getting hit.

The game certainly brings out a spirit of healthy competition in everyone while encouraging a fair bit of teamwork and fostering camaraderie. At a relatively low price, you’ll be taking home priceless memories that you and your workmates won’t soon forget.

Pirate VR: Jolly Roger

3. Virtual Reality Gaming

VR gaming has become an immensely popular pastime among Singaporeans of all sorts. Virtual reality is a spectacle that makes the impossible possible – and all within a budget! From family bonding to fun dates to team-building experiences, it’s an extremely versatile activity.

If you’re looking to facilitate teamwork and open communication in a fun, competitive, but tension-free environment, VR-cades like V-Room are just what you’ve been looking for. With the myriad multiplayer games ranging from thrilling action games to bone-chilling horror to puzzles that make you think, this virtual reality gaming experience will get your team closer than ever and make them want to come back for more.


Corporate bonding isn’t just a luxury afforded to major corporations with an abundance of resources anymore. It’s an essential part of company growth that enables cooperation and healthy communication and generally increases work efficiency. And with the abundance of choices available here in Singapore, it’s more cost-effective than ever!

There’s no better proof of this than V-Room, Singapore’s premiere VR gaming arcade and our extremely reasonable prices. With V-Room’s experience in conducting team-building activities and our extensive range of multiplayer games, you can rest assured that your team will leave this experience with a treasure trove of good memories and more cohesive. Contact us today to learn more!