Team Building Events

V-Room has experience hosting many successful and fun-filled team building events. We know what it takes to make your event an unforgettable one. From nail-biting games such as virtual reality bomb defusing, which promotes communication, to VR paintball shooting tournaments between teams for a healthy sense of competition, we have all the action and enjoyment with none of the sweat that comes with being outdoors! Contact us for your next corporate team building event in Singapore!


Virtual reality games can be invaluable to team building. Along with being just plain fun, they encourage the growth of essential skills like communication and time management, help build trust within teams, and allow people to get to know each other in a unique, stress-free environment.

You can also let your competitive side flourish in a fun and productive way. Push each other to think outside the box and gain perspectives in low-pressure and enjoyable situations. You will be surprised by how much you can learn about each other while playing these games. Gauge each member’s strengths and discover hidden leadership qualities while you’re at it.

This isn’t even to mention the myriad health benefits to be gained. You’ll be getting the daily recommended amount of exercise without feeling the exhaustion that comes from a typical workout. Improve your memory and recall capabilities and your gross and fine motor skills with our VR games.

Finally, you’ll find that your team will be able to let loose like never before. Join us for team building like you’ve never seen before


V-Room also partners up with other businesses like Coffeemin, Lockdown Escape Singapore, and ThinkOut Events for additional support when organising large scale events. This way your experience with us is enriched in ways you can’t even imagine.


At V-Room, our collection of virtual reality games range far and wide and are the best Singapore has to offer. This means we have a premium game befitting any occasion. Here are some of our most popular multiplayer games perfect for corporate and team building events.

The Diner Duo

As one of the chefs in this virtual reality diner environment, your job is to make sure all the customers are gratified by the time your time runs out. The levels get increasingly more chaotic as you surpass them. This game is perfect for a team of people with it’s multiplayer mode. Practice your communication skills all while having the time of your life with this game!

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

In this game tension-filled game, you find yourself stuck in a room with ticking time bomb. You deduce that the only means of escape is defusing it. The twist of the game is that your friends have manual that can save you, but they won’t be able to see the bomb. You, on the other hand, can only see the bomb. The only option is to talk it out – and fast!

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