Get ready to lose yourself in the spell-binding and futuristic world of virtual reality. Our range of games is one of the best, widest and most varied collections in Singapore and is sure to have something that will entertain and delight everyone. Whether you want to be a solider in the distant future, explore the deepest depths of the ocean, or solve an intriguing virtual reality escape room, we have it all here at V-Room.

PIXEL HACK (Shooting, Online Multiplayer)

A multiplayer online cooperative shooting game set in a world that blends reality with fiction, the game uses pixelated art style to give players a nostalgic feeling of playing arcade games from their childhood.

Late For Work (Arcade, Local Multiplayer)

Play as a giant gorilla in VR and face off against your puny human friends in the ultimate couch party game.

Walkabout Mini Golf (Arcade, Online Multiplayer)

Escape into a fun and beautiful world filled with the best mini golf courses you’ve ever seen!

Cook-Out (Arcade, Online Multiplayer)

Set within the cook’s cabin of a fairytale forest, work together to keep the orders coming for a hungry cast of enchanted creatures in this multiplayer VR game.

A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor (Puzzle)

Explore the cliff town of Eklan Tor, located in the Hidden Lands.

VR Escape Room - Half Life Alyx

Half-Life: ALYX (Shooting, Puzzle, Horror)

The game recounts the story of a harrowing battle against a terrifying alien race known as the Combine. Playing as the main character, you are the world’s last chance at redemption.

Vr Reality Escape Room - Serious Sam Vr

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope (Shooting, Horror, Online Multiplayer)

Serious Sam is back! And this time it’s REAL!

Virtual Reality Escape Room Singapore - Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine (Shooting, Horror, Online Multiplayer)

Putting the undead to rest has never been this terrifying with this virtual reality horror game.

Escape Vr Game - Sam And Dan

Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates (Puzzle, Online Multiplayer)

We interact and work together to get to the boat that will help us escape to safety!

Escape Vr Game - Taphouse

TapHouse (Arcade)

Serve drunk dwarves delicious ale, or mix delicious cocktails at your very own tap house!

Vr Escape Room Games - Beat Saber

Beat Saber (Music)

Let’s jam to the music!

Best Escape Room - The Red Stare

The Red Stare (Puzzle)

Find the communist spy by investigating your neighbours as a secret agent in the 1950s.

Singapore Vr Reality Escape Room - Nevrosa

Nevrosa (Puzzle, Horror)

You find yourself in an eerie new place and have the nagging suspicion that you’ve been here before. You need to do something. But what?

Vr Reality Escape Room Singapore - The Bellows

The Bellows (Puzzle, Horror)

Go headfirst into the past and immerse yourself in a terrifying world of bad dreams.

Singapore Escape Vr Game - Waterbears

Waterbears (Arcade, Puzzle)

This 3D environment allows you to help trapped water bears escape by completing a series of puzzles.

Escape Vr Game Singapore - Bullet Sorrow

Bullet Sorrow (Shooting)

Use your brand-new Bullet Time powers paired with a bunker-cover system to escape attacks!

Singapore Virtual Reality Escape Room Games - Laserbait

Lazerbait (Arcade)

Conquer new planets, create new ships, and vanquish your nemesis!

Vr Reality Escape Room - Belko

Belko (Puzzle)

Solve some intriguing puzzles and escape your office. Oh, and, by the way? You have to do it before your head explodes.

Vr Escape Room Singapore - Zombie Training Simulator

Zombie Training Simulator (Shooting)

Are you prepared to survive a zombie apocalypse? We have all you need to make sure you’re ready!

Virtual Reality Escape Room Games - Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer (Shooting)

Here’s your chance to practice being a pirate – in space!

Escape Room Vr Singapore - The Diner Duo

The Diner Duo (Arcade, Local Multiplayer)

You are a virtual reality chef, and to be the best you can be, you need to calm some ravenous appetites in a short amount of time.

Singapore Virtual Reality Escape Room - Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Puzzle, Local Multiplayer)

There’s a ticking time bomb in the room you’re trapped in. What else is there to do but escape?

Best Vr Escape Room Singapore - The Gallery

The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed (Puzzle)

At the gallery, you find your sister gone, an old machine, and a terrifying apparition itching to find you.

Escape Vr Game - Brookhaven

The Brookhaven Experiment (Shooting, Horror)

Increasingly horrifying monsters are obstacles in your mission to find out how the world started to end. Can you survive it? Better yet, can you stop it?

Vr Escape Room Games - Audioshield

Audioshield (Music)

Block the beats! Audioshield places you at the point of impact for every hit in your songs.

Best Vr Escape Room - Nvidia Vr Funhouse

NVIDIA® VR Funhouse (Arcade)

Step right up to VR Funhouse and join in on a virtual carnival full of whims and fancies.

Best Escape Room Vr Singapore - Insanity Vr

Insanity VR: The Last Score (Puzzle, Horror)

Newly interning at an intriguingly high-tech mental institution, you are transported into a patient’s mind in an attempt to rebuild his memories.

Singapore Vr Escape Room - Invasion

Invasion! (Fun)

INVASION! is a wonderful VR short animation recounting the story of a pair of aliens who are setting on conquering the planet.

Escape Room Vr - A Chair In A Room

A Chair in a Room : Greenwater (Puzzle, Horror)

Investigate your eerie surroundings as the main character of your very own horror story…

Virtual Reality Escape Room - Wake Up

Wake Up (Puzzle)

Experience a broken and strange dreamscape filled with fascinating riddles waiting to be solved.

Virtual Reality Escape Room - Allumette

Allumette (Fun)

The deep bond between a girl and her mom forms the crux of this game that shows us what unconditional love is really all about.

Best Escape Room Vr - The Price Of Freedom

The Price of Freedom (Puzzle)

A radical has broken into CIA facilities for an undisclosed reason. You, as Agent Zero, are task with killing him.

Best Escape Room Vr - Google Earth

Google Earth (Fun)

Google Earth VR allows you see the world through different eyes – virtual reality.

Vr Escape Room Singapore - Accounting

Accounting (Puzzle)

Accountancy is a sombre and noble profession. That doesn’t mean it can’t be any fun!

Singapore Best Escape Room Vr - Rec Room

Rec Room (Shooting, Online Multiplayer)

Join old and new friends to enjoy games like Paintball, Dodgeball, 3D Charades, Disc Golf, and many more!

Vr Reality Escape Room - The Lab

The Lab (Arcade)

Protect a castle with arrows, fly a spaceship in battle, and more!

Discover more games like these and everything in between in Singapore with V-Room!

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