How Virtual Reality Is Making Horror Games Scary Again

How Virtual Reality Is Making Horror Games Scary Again

Human fear is an evolutionary need that has ensured our survival for thousands of years. Many of our present phobias are remnants of this past. For example, fear of the dark can be attributed to the fact that we used to need to be able to see clearly to escape predatory animals that were much better at seeing in the dark. As such, we still associate it with danger. Over time, as our species evolved, this fear specific to predators has turned into fear of the unknown.

Horror games and other types of fiction tend to take advantage of these fears to tell compelling stories that frighten us beyond rational reason. However, in this day and change, there might not be any form of horror quite as terrifying as virtual reality gaming. This article details all the reasons why.


Watching a movie is usually a communal experience. Even if you’re reading a book, you don’t have to do it alone. Virtual reality gaming, however, is isolating by its very nature. Even if there are other people around you, the headset eliminates their presence quite effectively. Humans are social creatures, no matter how much you prefer to be alone. The idea of being alone while you’re scared is a harrowing one. Virtual reality horror games heighten your senses and instincts, effectively triggering anxiety and paranoia. Even though you know it’s not real, intellectually, it doesn’t stop the fear.


Anyone who enjoys gaming will tell you that the more immersive it is, the better. Regular horror games often only let you enjoy the game from a third-person perspective; this allows you to disengage slightly from the experience as you watch another character undergo everything. However, virtual reality blurs the line between real life and fiction. With VR, you are the sole protagonist, and the events unfold in front of your eyes in an extremely immersive first-person environment. Naturally, the fears are triggered much more easily this way as it gives being “sucked into the story” a whole new meaning.

No escape 

Unlike other media types, you are directly placing yourself into this environment engineered to scare you. You are then blocked from the outside world and brought into a new one. It can be disorienting on its own, even without the added horror elements. When classic horror movie tropes like creepy children, demonic laughter, or eerie nursery rhymes are brought in, you don’t have the option to cover your eyes and ears and hope it ends soon. With your periphery vision being blocked, jump scares become even more effective. All of this leads you to believe that there’s no escape until you remember that you’re playing a game. Despite all rationality, virtual reality gaming is transporting. Just remember that you can come back anytime!

No Escape


VR has been redefining the gaming industry since its inception – and the horror genre is no exception. Virtual reality seamlessly takes all the elements that make horror scary and amplifies it to create an experience like no other. Why not be brave and give it a go? At V-room, we have some of the best, most terrifying, and immersive horror games on the market awaiting you. Come on down to learn what it means to actually be scared out of your wits – in a safe and fun environment. Contact us today!