If you are wondering about more team building fun and activities suitable for teams, just visit any of our partners below!


Coffeemin Time Cafe

The perfect venue provider for all your team building events or functions! They provide an affordable rate while providing free flow of snacks and drinks. There are also a wide range of entertainment such as XBOX, pool table, board games and more!


Lockdown Escape Games

Challenge your mind in this team building activity by escaping from one of the many escape rooms available. Perfect for a team as it challenges your mind, logic, teamwork, communication to work together within a time limit to escape from disaster!


ThinkOut Events

The premium provider for large scale team building activities. From Haw Par Villa to Fort Canning, ThinkOut has a wide range of exclusive activities that are suitable for teams of up to 500 to play all at the same time, while learning about history, heritage, culture and any company culture that you require!

V-Room @ Harbourfront Centre
1 Maritime Square,
Harbourfront Centre, #03-15, Singapore 099253.
Tel: 6988 9467 (from 130pm – 930pm)