This Year’s Most Popular Trends in Virtual Reality

This Year’s Most Popular Trends in Virtual Reality

The year before saw an unprecedented rise in interest in virtual reality. Virtual reality headsets sold millions of units more than usual. There was also lots of talk of big brands and businesses looking for ways to gain footing in the industry. It makes sense for 2022 to be the year where major industry players capitalise off the hype and make this year an even bigger deal in the grand scheme of things. Here are some of the trends we are noticing so far and what they could mean.

1. VR being used in business 

While virtual reality gaming is still the bulk of VR’s userbase, there is still much to say about its usefulness to businesses and corporations. They are often used for the training of personnel, digital collaboration, and testing and prototyping of new products. But VR is often only as limiting as your mind allows. Innovation is paramount when dealing with reality-bending technology like this. The sky is the limit in this case.

2. An increase in users 

VR has had a reputation of being inaccessible in the past due to misunderstandings about its availability, price, and the complexity of its technology. This has gradually but readily changed. Nowadays, virtual reality is thought of as high-tech and edgy. And practical for most organisations. In general, asking people what they think about VR garners an overwhelmingly positive response.

An increase in users

3. Betterment of technology

Gone are the days when VR headsets used to be completely unaffordable. If you’ve been observing the market prices, you’ll note that the costs keep gradually declining while the quality of the headsets has only gone up. This trend will only continue in the coming years as the technology improves and demand increases.

4. Manufacturing has never been easier

As mentioned, VR technology has never been simpler and will only get simpler as time goes on. There are more manufacturers for VR technology than you can probably guess, and that number is set to rise. The developers can also work better and more efficiently because of the improved tools for programming. As such, developers will be able to get creative and add more features which translate to an even better user experience.

5. More services made for VR

If the use of VR improves functionality within industries and organisations, it stands to reason that VR can be used to turn about a significant amount of profit. Everybody wants a piece of VR these days, so striking while the iron is hot is extremely important. A host of services dedicated to and using virtual reality is set to the surface, and those who get there first will benefit the most.


While VR has extended its relevance past gaming, a huge reason for its rise to prominence lies in it. In fact, VR gaming has been the biggest contributor to its success in recent years. Many businesses are taking cues to incorporate it into their events for its unique qualities. V-Room invites you to join us and try virtual reality gaming for yourself. A VR escape room and a broad range of other games await you. Sign up now and watch the magic of VR for yourself.